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Column introduction: Tap the latest and hottest thematic investment opportunities in the near future, analyze the reasons for the industry ’s soaring, hot or slump from the perspective of the industry, and systematically analyze the past, current situation and future of investment opportunities in the industry.
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title: New Finance-Subversion of the New Economic Era (4)
Video introduction: At present, great changes are taking place in the financial industry. Private banks have broken the monopoly of the banking industry. Network finance has brought vitality to the financial community; financial Internetization and Internet financialization are the future financial
Securities Investment Consultant: Chen Feiwen_Tong Ming
The gold analyst of Yimeng Trader is a guest in major media such as First Financial Broadcasting. He has long-term cooperation and published articles with a number of financial portals, and has extensive experience in brokerage investment consulting and information. He is good at analyzing investment opportunities and risks from investment behavior, and understands the domestic and foreign derivative markets. He has unique insights on the general trend judgment and individual stock grasp.
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Master Zhiying-Sky Eye
Master Zhiying-Sky Eye
Closing inventory
Break down, pay attention to risk
Closing inventory
Shake the situation, patiently hold
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The battle for key positions between long and short sides
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Don't change the trend, buy low and sell high
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